Welcome to A Plus Driving School! This is the place where you will be able to get a full grip on the car-driving journey. With years of proficiency in the teaching of car driving, we always have a top-notch level of success ratio for the best guidance and making you the best player in car driving. Our highly trained professionals are here to transform your dream into a real reality that is not far away. From basics to the professional level, we always have a significant role in the growth of your confidence in the process of driving a car. 

Until you become a responsible driver, we are committed to providing you with whatever we can give from our A Plus Driving School for both Males and Females. This is where the success ratio is very high as compared to others just for the reason that our team is the combination of high experts with whose briefing you can easily have your required confidence and energy for the car driving rules and the techniques. For further details, you can have an in-depth exploration of every related information. Let’s delve deeply into the world of A Plus Driving School. 

About A Plus Driving School

A Plus Driving School is more than just a driving academy from where you will get to know the car driving. This is a place where the learners come with zero knowledge and leave with the satisfaction of mocking the driving test. We make our learners capable to such levels that they gain enough confidence to drive safely and smoothly on the roads. Our main objection is not to make money but to make our leaders professional just like our instructors who are teaching car driving and its techniques. Get enough guidance from our team and do not miss this opportunity to get on the road as early as you want to do it.

Areas Covered by A Plus Driving School

We are offering a huge range of areas which are being covered by A Plus Driving School. Walthamstow, Chingford, Wanstead, Leyton, Leytonstone, and Woodford are the areas in which we teach our learners. If you are a resident of any of these cities then you will be able to join us and we are available 24/7 for your assistance and guidance which we can provide as much as we can. If you want to join us, look no further and with our wasting a single second join our courses now! The description of these is mentioned hereafter.

Automatic Driving Lessons by A Plus Driving School

Ready to learn your tricks and techniques from our expert-level car driving teachers who themselves have the years of experience to reach this level of expertise? To ensure our best-in-class teaching, you must have a look towards these courses which are provided here. Join your worthy journey and trust with A Plus Driving School.

1 Hour Automatic Driving Lesson

Our 1 Hour Automatic Driving Lessons are for those who want to learn the basics of Automatic car driving. Our whole team members and the professional expert to make you aware of how this respective instructor teaches. We are offering you DSA-approved instructors, one-to-one learning, a friendly environment, and no hidden charges. The price range offered by us is £37. Our patient instructors are the best match for your mocking of the car driving test.

2 Hours Automatic Driving Lessons

Our 2 Hours Automatic Driving Lessons are similar to the 1 Hour Driving Lessons but the time duration is a bit more than the 1 Hour Automatic Driving Lessons. We are providing the best friendly environment, one-to-one learning, no hidden charges, and the best thing is that our instructors are DSA approved. What makes us unique is that with these significant teachings, we will play a vital role in the growth of your expertise. Ensure that you are capable enough by your self-learning behavior. The price for this is £70. But the offer is for a limited time duration.

10 Hours Automatic Driving Course

These 10 Hours of Automatic Driving Courses are for the best approach in the learning of car driving. In these 10 hours of Automatic Driving Courses, you will get more grip on the Automatic Driving courses. With no doubt, our team will teach you the best level of driving. The price we are charging is £350. Mastering the arts of the Automatic Car Driving course under just  £350 is a good option. You will get to know a lot about the car driving rules and a lot that will give you more grip on the Automatic Driving learnings.

1 Hour Manual Driving Lessons

1 Hour Manual Driving Lessons are for the teaching of manual car driving. The price range which we are charging is £37. Get the top level of expertise in this with our A Plus Driving Course. These Manual Driving lessons are the best match for you if you want to go for the learning of the manual car. The 1 Hour Manual Driving Lessons are the best suitable option and you will get to know a lot about the confusion which are carrying in your mind.

2 Hours Manual Driving Lessons

2 Hours Manual Driving Lessons are the types of lessons containing a time duration of 2 hours. This increase in the time duration will give you more knowledge about Manual Car driving techniques, also you will have the know-how more than just basics. You will get to have an intermediate to high level of knowledge with the help of this. In these 2-hours manual driving lessons, there will be the benefits of a friendly environment, one-to-one learning, no hidden charges, and the best thing is that our instructors are DSA-approved. The amount charged for this is £37.

10 Hours Manual Driving Lessons

Under these 10 Hours of Manual Driving lessons, you will get to know a high frequency of the knowledge about the manual driving lessons. Also, within these 10 hours of lessons, you will be confident enough about getting on the road by yourself. These 10 hours are the best match if you want to have a grip on the learning of Car Driving. The price or amount charged for this is £350.

Our Services At A Plus Driving School

These listed below are our services including our proficiency. Always believing in the quality not the quantity, our past is full of these learners who came with zero level of knowledge and left with the gaining of a high level of expertise. Our Auto Driving Instructors are well qualified. Here enlisted below are the services which we are offering. You can explore it with the help of provided details hereafter:

24/7 Assistance

We are available for your assistance 24 hours and if you have any queries at any time, you can easily contact us. Our team is here to help you with all of your queries. Feel free to contact us and we are here to guide you the best as we can. We believe that the confusion before actually making yourself register for the course should be cleared and for that, we are online to deal with your queries.

Ranges In Driving Courses and Lessons

Number of courses here with which you can have the top level of expertise. These courses are 1-hour Automatic Driving Courses, 2-hour Automatic Driving Courses, 10-hour Automatic Driving Courses, 1-hour Manual Driving Courses, 2-hour Manual Driving Courses, and 10-hour Manual Driving Courses. The Charged amount for each may differ but depending upon the time duration, these charges are different from each other.

Value to Money Lessons and Courses

All of our courses are very affordable and we believe that we must be more conscious about the learning of the learners but not our earnings. We trust that the learner must be capable enough before he leaves for the road adventure. With no more single waste of time, all you need is to quickly get enrolled into the courses and lessons of ours.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some of the Automatic Driving Lessons?

Some of the Automatic Driving lessons are the 1-Hour Automatic Driving lessons, 2-Hour Automatic Driving Lessons, and 10-Hours Automatic Driving Lessons. The amount charged for each is different because the time duration is changed in each of them. 

What are some of the Manual Driving Lessons?

The list of Manual Driving Lessons includes 1-Hour Manual Driving lessons, 2-Hours Manual Driving Lessons, and 10-Hours Manual Driving Lessons. These are common driving lessons in which you can gain the knowledge from basics to the excerpt level.

How much do the Automatic Driving lessons cost?

The cost of Automatic Driving lessons varies as per the time duration. However, it may also depend upon certain features that include the expertise of the instructors. But normally the prices charged for Automatic Driving Lessons are from £37 to £350 depending upon the lesson type and the expertise of the instructor.  

How much do the Manual Driving Lessons cost?

The charges for the Manual Driving lessons include the cost of the starts from £37 and closes up to £350. These manual driving lessons are also dependent upon the time duration.


The A Plus Driving School is where you can learn car driving easily with our best expert level of instructors. You will get to have a grip on the car driving techniques from the beginners to the expert level. With years of experience in the field of car driving teaching, our expert driving instructors will make sure that you are learning enough to fulfill your dreams of being independent. Now being an independent person or a top-notch car driver is not far away from you.