The world is full of hustling and bustling traffic where roads are full of hurried people who are performing their daily base activities by relying on public traffic. In such conditions, it is really hard to fully trust public transportation when you can own your car and be an independent person with the best expertise in smooth and secure driving. Yes, that is possible with the help of Auto Driving Instructor, a place where top-class car driving skills are taught which can make you the best driver to drive fearlessly on the road. 

The Auto Driving Instructors provides its services in various cities including the areas of Walthamstow, Chingford, Wanstead, Leyton, Leytonstone, and Woodford. If you are a resident of the respective city then you have this opportunity to be part of our team, learn to drive a car and live your life with freedom and liberty. Here below is the crucial important related information which you can read for a better understanding and can have your successful journey of becoming a swift and licensed driver. Let’s explore the world of auto-driving Instructor as: 

Why Choose Us?

The requirement of owning a car and moving freely without relying on public transportation has increased a lot over the last few years. We are offering the superior-graded tuition of the Intensive Car Driving Lessons offered by the Auto Driving Instructors. Essentially focusing on two major aspects: Skilled and fearless driver, Mocking the car driving tests.

We focus on every minute detail during the process of teaching the best car driving instructions so that your learners become capable enough to beat any critical and unexpected situation during car driving on the main road. Let’s deeply unveil the details of Intensive Driving Lessons.      

Quick Guaranteed Success 

As our team is a combination of highly trained car driving instructors who have enough experience in this field, your journey of learning to drive a car would be very effective in the achievement of your dreams. Our journey as Auto Driving Instructors in the last few years has been fulfilled with a maximum test passing percentage ratio. We assure you of your quick and guaranteed success because all of our car driving instructors are ADI registered. So, you must not hesitate to trust our driving school for Intensive Driving Courses. Let yourself not wait for a single second to be a part of our journey and fulfil your future dreams quickly. 

Professional Driving Instructors

All of our driving instructors are professional because they are ADI registered which means our Auto Driving Instructors are not ordinary courses which are being taught by random driving academies. We are a team of expert teachers with friendly behavior who focus on learning and also respect the pace of the learners as well. If you are a slow learner then our top-graded learners will respect your pace and will not pressurize you for quick learning because we always have focused on the quality of the learners not the quantity of the learners at Auto Driving Instructor. We believe that these ADI-tailored courses are the best match for you towards a fearless driver. Do not miss the booking of yours at Intensive Driving Courses which are especially designed to make you the best driver with comprehensive knowledge. 

Flexible Timings 

Our highly popularized Auto Driving Instructor academy not only focuses on quick guaranteed success, ADI’s tailored training but also we prioritize the timings of the learners and provide the facility for flexible timings. You can be part of us because we offer flexible timings as well, which means that having a busy schedule is not a big issue to stop the fulfilment of your dreams. Start your journey with us and be a part of Auto Driving Instructor for the betterment of car driving and cracking the theory and the practical exams.      

Comprehensive Lessons and Courses

We teach everything in our courses which makes one capable of driving the car fearlessly and can face any of the road conditions. No matter that whether it is a Cross road junction, Road Junction or Reverse, Road safety, Traffic rules, Speed, Indicators, Singlans, Defensive driving techniques, Emergencies, Maneuvering, Night Driving, Overtaking and a lot of other crucial things to learn by the teaching provided by our car driving instructors.    

Course Offerings By Auto Driving Instructors 

Certain types of Intensive Driving Courses are being offered by us including 1 hour intensive driving lessons, 2-hour intensive driving lessons, 10-hour intensive driving lessons, Intensive car driving lessons and driving crash courses. These all lessons are very helpful in teaching you the best way to become a skilled and trained car driver. All you require is the training offered by our top-class car driving teachers who will make you become an expert on the road journey. 

10 Hours Intensive Driving Lessons 

The 10 hour intensive driving courses are the best option for those who need to learn the basics of the intensive driving course. This includes the car starting, accelerator, brake, Clutch and many other basic knowledge along with the hands-on practice that can be crucial to start your new journey. The time duration for the 10-hour intensive Driving Courses is 2 to 4 days. 

15 Hours Intensive Driving Lessons 

The 15-hour intensive Driving course is suitable if you are looking for guidance on Automatic Car Driving or if you already have a good knowledge of Automatic Cars but need an instructor’s guidance for the mocking of theory or practice tests. The time duration for this is from 2 to 6 days. The fee package for 15 hours of Intensive Driving lessons is very affordable.

20 Hours Intensive Driving Lessons 

The 20-hour intensive Driving lessons which we are offering contain one-to-one practice and the best guidance provided by the ADI-tailored instructors. The time duration for this is around 1 to 3 weeks and the charges are so affordable. Anyone interested in joining can join us because we believe that being an independent car driver helps a lot in the fulfilment of daily bases activities.  

25 Hours Intensive Driving Lessons 

The 25-hour Intensive driving courses can be a great choice for you if you have a time duration of 1 to 4 weeks and want to learn the car these days. This time duration is the best match especially if you are looking for the mocking of a car driving test to become a licensed driver. We assure you that if you are dedicated enough then you must choose us to make you capable of driving smoothly with all related skills. 

30 Hours Intensive Driving Lessons 

If anyone wants to learn the Intensive driving lessons under the time duration of 1 to 5 weeks then the Auto Driving Instructor is the best option for you. The prices we charge are very very cheap and along with that, we provide unlimited benefits like quick guaranteed success, professional car driving, flexible timings and comprehensive learning.  

35 Hours Intensive Driving Lessons  

Book yourself now in our deep 35-hour Intensive Driving Courses which are good to learn all the basic, intermediate and core skills for the car driving interview and test. Various car driving academies are teaching car driving skills. If you are targeting the same intention then you should join our Auto Driving Instructors car driving academy where you will get a lot to know related to how to mock the car driving interview. 

40 Hours Intensive Driving Lessons 

These 40-hour Intensive Driving Lessons are enough to set your grip, huge level of capabilities and preparation for driving tests. You can join us and we will teach you how to perform well and will put our best effort into you that will make you a highly fearless driver. All that is required is your dedication and commitment and we will polish your hidden skills as Auto Driving Instructors. 

45 Hours Intensive Driving Lesson 

The 45-hour intensive Driving Lessons are the best option for you to make sure that now you can take the driving test to become an expert car driver. The time duration for this is 2 to 12 weeks during which you can learn to drive a car and have enough grip to mock the driving test. The fee packages which we are offering are very affordable and you can easily bear the charges of ours.


Q: What are Intensive Car Driving Lessons?

Intensive Car Driving is a lesson in which you can easily learn car driving in depth. All the basic to expert-level teachings are taught in these Intensive Car Driving Lessons. Also, you learn to crack the car driving test or the practical interview. The charges for these are different. 

Q: What are the types of Intensive Car Driving Lessons?

There are different types of Intensive Car Driving Lessons such as 10 hours Intensive Driving lessons, 15 hours Intensive Driving lessons, 20 hours Intensive Driving lessons, 

 25 hours Intensive Driving lessons, 30 hours Intensive Driving lessons, 35 hours Intensive Driving lessons, 40 hours Intensive Driving lessons, 45 hours Intensive Driving lessons.

Q: How to learn how to drive a car?

You can learn to drive a car with the help of various car driving courses which are being offered by us. These courses are 1-hour automatic driving lessons, 2-hour automatic driving lessons, 10-hour automatic driving lessons, 1-hour manual driving lessons, 2-hour manual driving lessons, and 10-hour manual driving lessons.


Intensive car driving is one in which you can learn to drive a car at an intense level. At Auto Driving Instructor we are providing you with the best and ADI-tailored car driving instructors which will make you capable of learning automatic driving lessons under certain courses. These courses include 10 hours intensive driving courses, 15 hours intensive driving courses, 20 hours intensive driving courses, 25 hours intensive driving courses, 30 hours intensive driving courses, and 35 hours intensive driving courses. You can book yourself in our Auto Driving Instructors for better learning.